Use Infuse to view files from Panasonic DMR-BWT740

Just searching the forum looking for assistance on this. I have a BWT740 full of TV recordings that I can’t see via Infuse, though my TV downstairs (which is Panasonic too) picks it up just fine (though it can take ages to load folders).

I’d love to be able to make it work via my Apple TV; do we know what the limiting factor is? Do Panasonic use some weird file container or proprietary encryption? But if that’s the case, what stops Infuse seeing the folders, even an external USB HDD?

It seems curious to me as Infuse sees the machine on the network instantly, but I can’t even connect to it at all let alone see any folders or files. Is it like this for others too (and indeed with other similar DNLA servers), and is there a potential solution in the works at all?



Hi Infuse

This is something I would really like to be able to solve. If I could access these recorded TV files on my Apple TV, Infuse would basically be able to pick out everything I want from my network (apart from lossless Atmos, but I understand this). Access to these DLNA files I don’t understand, however.

I gather VLC and other DLNA renderers are able to work with Panasonic PVRs, and my TV can. Is there anything we can try to make it work - can they be made to output an SMB share or something? Is there a reason Infuse isn’t able to even see the folders, let alone attempt opening the files?