Use Infuse as the only app for TVOS

I’m wondering if there’s an easy way to make my Apple TV exclusively use Infuse. Basically, I want to turn my Apple TV into a dedicated Infuse player.

With my kids and their friends always using the home theater, I thought it’d be nice to have a setup where Infuse is the only option. That way, if they accidentally close the app, they can’t browse through all the other TVOS apps.


Unfortunately, there is no way to accomplish this at this time.

No problem. Thank you

For what it’s worth, you guys are doing a fantastic job on the HDR > SDR rec709 tone-mapping. I have a Zidoo with the VS10 engine for LLDV (as well as a Lumagen 4242 with DTM) and I still prefer the to use Infuse on the Apple TV tone-mapped to SDR on my projector.

Any thought of an option for SDR bt2020 down the road? I had to ask.

Thanks again!