Use Infuse 4 access outside home with NAS Synology


I would like to know what’s the possibility and configuration to access over internet my synology NAS when I am out of my home to connect my APPLE TV with Infuse to access my files. Usualy I use a
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Good luck getting an answer. This has been asked and ignored before.

With the iOS app, you can accomplish this with the VPN Server (on your Synology). Since there’s no VPN on the Apple TV you’ll probably need to wait for Apple to allow VPNs before you can get this working.

There should be no reason why FTP or WebDAV wouldn’t work though, but you’ll need to setup port forwarding on your router to your NAS, and also know your public IP.

You could use the DS File app on iOS to access the files. That lets you open the files in Infuse, then AirPlay… Not a very neat solution though!

I use SFTP, works fine

Please explain

I do this as well works fine. However, my NAS is a WD Cloud. I am not sure how you do this on a synology NAS but did find this (you’ll have to search how to do this on your specific model):

Essentially you need to enable SFTP/SSH on the NAS. Then ensure that port 22 is open on your router and directed to the NAS IP.
Its not a good idea to use the “root” login or password for anything if you are unsure what you are doing so you will want to add your NAS user name to the list of allowable SSH users on your NAS. On my NAS this means logging in as root and adding user names in the ssh_dconfig file on the NAS and there is a line "allow users root (and then add your own name). Again it seems a little more complicated on the Synology NAS as it appears you need to get permissions/public key authentication.
Once that is done you just navigate to add the share. Choose SFTP, (it will default to port 22). The path will be your public IP address. Enter your user name and password (The one you use to log into the device’s UI). That should do it.
Again, I have a different NAS. Hope this helps/

I just signed up to explain how I solved this.

I use a Synology NAS, which shares drives via SMB and provides the VPN network I connect to when I’m not at home. After connecting via VPN, I’ve added the SMB connection (servername in my case ds216j) in the Infuse app and opened the port 445 in my router. (Without opening the port I was able to connect to the drive and look through the content but the actual stream always quit with an error before starting.)