Use existing metadata in m4v?

Hey guys. First off, awesome work.


I’m following you since a while and I’m thinking about getting an Apple TV 2nd Gen and putting ATV Flash on it. Recently I read in some of the topics here that ATV Flash can’t read existing metadata the users put into their movie files. But I think one of the new features of 1.0 is that it can show the cover art now, right?

All my movies are 1080p m4v-Files, prepared for future Apple devices with AAC-Stereo and AC3-Surround audiotracks. In all of them I’ve added metadata in german language which took me a lot of time.


My question: Is the ATV Flash MediaPlayer the only oppertunity for me to get these files on the Apple TV and… after they are on the Apple TV can I see my own metadata. Is there a setting for ATV Flash so it doesn’t search for some english metadata?


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The current version will use embedded metadata and cover art (if present) instead of downloading new information from the Internet.

Wow that’s great! :slight_smile:


Can I stream these files with iTunes to the Apple TV or do I need to set up a sharing folder or something for Media Player?

And BTW: Are there currently any network disks out which can emulate a running Mac with iTunes on it?


No there aren’t (belive me, i’ve looked), even those who say they have iTunes-server on them can’t. That server only works with music. But since you’re using aTV Flash on your Apple TV you don’t need to keep a computer running to watch movies on a NAS. And btw, you can create a iTunes library on your NAS where you put all your movies and then you can acces them both from within iTunes and also via folder structure with Media Player on Apple TV.

James…can you elaborate?  I’ve got 600 videos in m4v with metadata and cover art.  Latest version of Media Player.  My settings are set to disable metadata fetching.  But when i look in list view, each time i move to a different movie i get the “Fetching” process and it takes a long time to pull the data.  My files are on a QNap.  Am i doing something wrong?  i assume that it would load the data and cover very quickly if they are embedded in the file, no?

In the current version if you have metadata fetching disabled, all that will happen is a thumbnail will be generated from the video itself.

Enabling metadata fetching will extract the covers (if present) from the files themselves.

If you don’t want any metadata to be downloaded from the web, you can set the content type to ‘None’ (highlight folder and choose content type). This should still allow the embedded covers to be used.

Also look up JTUNESSERVICE which will startup ITUNES in the background as a service on a WIN7 PC.  Handy for some