Use English fanart instead of ‘no language’

@james I just recently noticed Infuse is pulling textless aka “No Language” fanart from TMDB when there are (in my case) English ones available. It just makes it much easier to identify media when the title is on the image like all streaming sites have them. Is it possible to make that happen or atleast as an option have infuse pull English by default and fallback to No Language when English is unavailable?

Just some info. Per the TMDB contribution Bible “99% of the time backdrops do not have text and should be left in ‘No Language’.”

I believe that fanart falls in this category so the no language should probably take priority for fanart.

Do you have a specific example?

@NC_Bullseye 99% of the shows and Movies I watch have “English” fanart. I also contribute alot to TMDB uploading “English” backdrops if they are missing. That being said;




As you can see, arguably text on the images makes it much easier to know which show you are watching.
Just looking at the below image, I have no idea what show I’m watching.

On Jellyfin they have an option to pull whichever image is available on TMDB, not sure why Infuse left that out forcing people to stick with the default images when there are plenty others.

If Infuse decides to stick to textless backdrops, they should atleast incoporate the use of the Movie/TV show logo so that it is atleast clearer.

I agree with most everything you’re saying. I was just offering a possible reason we’re seeing more “no language” options and why they may be taking priority over the language specified artwork.

This is one reason I tend to lean toward using the “Classic” view over the modern one since the poster usually has the show or movie name on it.

I do like the idea of the fanart with no text but the icon for the show or movie. That’s a good look IMHO.

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Ok gotcha. Yea it’s just frustrating seeing infuse pull an actual screenshot from a movie that someone uploaded instead of a professionally done backdrop forcing me to have to download the english one and cluttering my media folder with jpegs to overide.
And just to be clear, since @james has moved this to suggestions, The suggestion is to have an option in the settings menu to Pull whatever language the user specifies not just English, since not everyone uses english.

I don’t know what particulars the API offers for selecting artwork but if language is an option in the API over the top voted that would be a good start for giving an option.

Currently, Infuse pulls in the top rated fanart regardless of language. This usually ends up being the ‘no language’ version.

IMHO, there currently isn’t enough consistency between fanart in different languages to rely on this for a design element in Infuse.

Makes sense. But going off of Top Rated No Language creates more inconsistencies in the Libraries because Infuse will then naturally have half the shows/movies with Text and then others with no text. This suggestion if implemented will minimize the inconsistency greatly. Just go with Top Rated Language Selected in the infuse metadata settings page, then fallback to Top Rated No Language if the Selected Language is missing.