Use embedded metadata to categorize items in Library

This (and many other metadata support questions I see in the Infuse forum) would be solved pretty quickly and easily if when you choose “use local metadata”, Infuse used the embedded metadata in the actual media file. There are many programs (I have used Subler for Mac) that will scrape multiple online sources (TMDB, TVDB, IMDB, etc.) and write the metadata (including the thumbnail) into the media file. Using a program like Subler, you can also customize any of the metadata and save it in the file. However, Infuse ignores this embedded data an instead relys on separate NFO and image files.

If Infuse supported reading the embedded metadata, a user could easily select- for any media file- which metadata to use- Infuse scraping TMDB using the correct filename or the metadata embedded in the file (fully customized by the user).

Reading the embedded metadata would mitigate many of the support requests on the forums and make Infuse much better.