Use embedded metadata to categorize items in Library

I have always used Subler (galad87 / Subler / wiki / Home — Bitbucket) to add metadata and artwork to my MP4 files. Infuse recognises some of this data but misses out media type (TV Shows, Movies etc) and TV show/Season/Episode data. If Infuse could recognise this data whilst adding it to the library in infuse TVos it would be very helpful.

Please, please, please??

Thank you.

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Hi @james. Was there any fixes? I have the same issue, I have a iTunes folder with TV show / Season subfolders and embedded iTunes style metadata in each episode video.

I also have both options enabled. The result is seasons missing, unknown TV shows in library, mess.
If I force use local metadata on favourite folder, seasons info get lost, and episode names are like “S01 4”, not the “title” in file’s metadata.

Do you support iTunes style metadata parsing? My use case is coming from perfectly organised iTunes TV/Movies collection, I used Home Sharing till now.