Use embedded metadata to categorize items in Library

I have always used Subler (galad87 / Subler / wiki / Home β€” Bitbucket) to add metadata and artwork to my MP4 files. Infuse recognises some of this data but misses out media type (TV Shows, Movies etc) and TV show/Season/Episode data. If Infuse could recognise this data whilst adding it to the library in infuse TVos it would be very helpful.

Please, please, please??

Thank you.

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Hi @james. Was there any fixes? I have the same issue, I have a iTunes folder with TV show / Season subfolders and embedded iTunes style metadata in each episode video.

I also have both options enabled. The result is seasons missing, unknown TV shows in library, mess.
If I force use local metadata on favourite folder, seasons info get lost, and episode names are like β€œS01 4”, not the β€œtitle” in file’s metadata.

Do you support iTunes style metadata parsing? My use case is coming from perfectly organised iTunes TV/Movies collection, I used Home Sharing till now.