Use embedded metadata to categorize items in Library

I have always used Subler (galad87 / Subler / wiki / Home — Bitbucket) to add metadata and artwork to my MP4 files. Infuse recognises some of this data but misses out media type (TV Shows, Movies etc) and TV show/Season/Episode data. If Infuse could recognise this data whilst adding it to the library in infuse TVos it would be very helpful.

Please, please, please??

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I have seen similar posts to this topic. I too am coming from an iTunes large library and looking to switch to infuse.

All of my media already has all required sorting information in standard metadata tags.
I would like to Not use the infuse function for auto-downloading any metadata and rather simply switch on the embedded metadata option and have it all work.
Like another post I saw, all of my media already has gone through Subler and had completely accurate metadata set in all of the standard tags.
So everything is already marked as Movie or TV Show or home movie etc. Can Infuse recognize that?
All of the TV shows are already marked with a series name, season number, and episode number. Can Infuse recognize that?

Just like the other post, I do not want to resort to writing custom scripts to generate xml files, or rename all of my files to the Infuse naming format, or even group everything into folder structures. All of that information is already in the standard metadata tags.

Infuse can already read some metadata tags. Can these few extra tags be added so that users with existing, large, curated, cleanly tagged libraries do not have to perform any additional steps for Infuse to properly ingest the media; it could just work.

I am happy to provide specifics regarding the tags (buy they are just the standards recognized by iTunes) and work with testing or whatever is needed.

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Could you list the tags? I think it would be helpful. The subler page doesn’t list them neither in docs nor FAQs section. Probably because they are long standardized so they are well known, but it would be helpful anyway I think.

I also don’t understand why this is hard.


Some Meta Tag information.

I provide two examples, one TV show and one movie.

(note, this relates to h264 mp4 video files. I have not had time to examine h265, mkv container, or other options. However, as the primary topic is transferring from iTunes, that would be h264 mp4 anyway)

I tried to list the common tags. First, subler is used to identify and tag the file. Those common subler tags are listing under the Subler Common Tags heading.
Then, just for reference, the VLC Common Tags section shows how VLC recognized those subler tags. (inside brackets are how vlc labels it)
Then, how iTunes recognizes the tags.

After that, I identified what I would think are the few critical tags that would provide the most usefulness.

By supporting the standard/critical tags, Infuse could easily categorize the display of media based on embedded metadata only.

This would allow users to disable metadata fetching and leverage years of their work organizing their collection how they see fit. There are many examples of shows and movies that do not work well with auto-metadata fetching and must be manually adjusted. These manual adjustments should be saved as metadata in the file in a standard way (such as subler, vlc, and itunes all recognize) and be read by other programs such as Infuse.

Also, there are many Infuse customers that do not have the luxury of seemingly unlimited internet bandwidth and may be on metered connections, or even in a remote location without internet. Those customer do not deserve to be excluded. Fetching metadata is not something they want, or can, do. Infuse is a great tool that allows alternatives to streaming media for the vast number of people without access to luxury bandwidth by creating a local network video system. The metadata feature of Infuse should follow this concept.

Infuse being able to support existing metadata would be a valuable feature for many customers. I would even be happy if that feature is behind the Infuse paywall.

Thank you


  • Subler Common Tags *
    Name: The Interview
    Artist: MASH
    Album Artist: M
    Album: MASH, Season 4
    Media Kind: TV Show
    Genre: Comedy
    Release Date: 1976-02-24
    Track #: 24/0
    TV Show: M
    TV Episode #: 24
    TV Network: CBS
    TV Episode ID: 424
    TV Season: 4
    Description: Clete Roberts introduces this segment as…
    Long Description: Clete Roberts introduces this segment as…
    Series Description: The 4077th Mobile Army Surgical Hospital is stuck in…
    Rating: USA TV: TV-PG
    Cast: Jamie Farr, Alan Alda, Loretta Swit, William…
    Director: Larry Gelbart
    Screenwriters: Larry Gelbart
    {and an embedded image for cover art}

  • VLC Common Tags *
    Name [Title]: The Interview
    Artist [Artist]: MASH
    Release Date [Date]: 1976-02-24 [1976]
    TV Show [Artist]: M
    TV Episode # [Track number]: 24
    Description: Clete Roberts introduces this segment as…
    {and an embedded image for cover art}

  • iTunes Common Tags *
    Name [title]: The Interview
    [sort as]: Interview
    Album Artist [album artist]: MASH
    Media Kind [media kind]: TV Show
    Genre [genre]: Comedy
    Release Date [release date]: 1976-02-24
    [year]: [1976]
    Track # [track]: 24/0 [24]
    TV Show [show]: M
    [sort as]: MAS*H
    TV Episode # [episode]: 24
    TV Episode ID [episode id]: 424
    TV Season [season]: 4
    Description [Short Description]: Clete Roberts introduces this segment as…
    Long Description [Full Description]: Clete Roberts introduces this segment as…
    {and an embedded image for cover art}


  • Subler Tags *
    Name: The Ring
    Artist: Alfred Hitchcock
    Media Kind: Movie
    HD Video: 1080p
    Genre: Mystery
    Release Date: 1927-10-01
    Description: Both Jack Sander and Bob…
    Long Description: Both Jack Sander and Bob…
    Studio: British International Pictures
    Cast: Carl Brisson, Lillian Hall-Davis, Ian…
    Director: Alfred Hitchcock
    Producers: John Maxwell
    Screenwriters: Alfred Hitchcock
    Sort Name: Hitchcock 1927
    {and an embedded image for cover art}

  • iTunes Tags *
    Name [title]: The Ring
    [sort as]: Hitchcock 1927
    Artist: Alfred Hitchcock
    Media Kind [media kind]: Movie
    HD Video: 1080p
    Genre [genre]: Mystery
    Release Date [year]: 1927-10-01 [1927]
    Description [Short Description]: Both Jack Sander and Bob…
    Long Description [Full Description]: Both Jack Sander and Bob…
    Studio [studio]: British International Pictures
    Cast [actors]: Carl Brisson, Lillian Hall-Davis, Ian…
    Director [director]: Alfred Hitchcock
    [sort as]: Alfred Hitchcock
    Producers [producer]: John Maxwell
    Screenwriters [screenwriter]: Alfred Hitchcock
    Sort Name: Hitchcock 1927
    {and an embedded image for cover art}


  • Critical Tags *
    Name [title]: The Interview
    [sort as]: Interview
    Media Kind [media kind]: TV Show
    media kind: { Music Video | Movie | Home Video | TV Show | Podcast }
    Genre [genre]: Mystery
    Release Date [release date]: 1976-02-24
    TV Show [show]: MASH
    [sort as]: M
    TV Episode # [episode]: 24
    TV Season [season]: 4
    {and an embedded image for cover art}

Hi @james. Was there any fixes? I have the same issue, I have a iTunes folder with TV show / Season subfolders and embedded iTunes style metadata in each episode video.

I also have both options enabled. The result is seasons missing, unknown TV shows in library, mess.
If I force use local metadata on favourite folder, seasons info get lost, and episode names are like “S01 4”, not the “title” in file’s metadata.

Do you support iTunes style metadata parsing? My use case is coming from perfectly organised iTunes TV/Movies collection, I used Home Sharing till now.

I am loving all the improvements to Infuse 4 for tvOS and iOS. But as most of TV and Films have embedded metadata.

Would it be possible for Infuse to read more than just the ep name / synopsis from the file itself? Things like cast list, background image, sort info etc.

Also, as most of TV shows where originally tagged for iTunes they have square artwork. Would it possible for Infuse to support different shaped artwork?

Keep up the good work and looking forward to 4.1 :slight_smile:

I just downloaded Infuse because Home Sharing has become intolerably unreliable. Like in a few other threads I have a substantial library all tagged by Subler for iTunes.

Infuse is still ignoring the vast majority of embedded metadata and dumping everything in to “other.” I guess this was never fixed? All the info I found on these forums are more than a year and a half old. Is it somehow not possible to read all the data correctly? The online metadata isn’t recognizing anything either.

I’m not about to rename hundreds of file and completely overhaul my file structure. I’m trying to limit the amount of hassle I’m dealing with.

Any info would be great. Thanks!

Kinda starting to feel like this issue is either not fixable or any sort of priority. That’s a shame, I was really hoping for a better player for the Apple TV.

This (and many other metadata support questions I see in the Infuse forum) would be solved pretty quickly and easily if when you choose “use local metadata”, Infuse used the embedded metadata in the actual media file. There are many programs (I have used Subler for Mac) that will scrape multiple online sources (TMDB, TVDB, IMDB, etc.) and write the metadata (including the thumbnail) into the media file. Using a program like Subler, you can also customize any of the metadata and save it in the file. However, Infuse ignores this embedded data an instead relys on separate NFO and image files.

If Infuse supported reading the embedded metadata, a user could easily select- for any media file- which metadata to use- Infuse scraping TMDB using the correct filename or the metadata embedded in the file (fully customized by the user).

Reading the embedded metadata would mitigate many of the support requests on the forums and make Infuse much better.

Infuse DOES read embedded metadata; but this feature is disabled by default (because most files don’t have it, and those that do are often polluted with torrent spam).

Toggle the setting for EMBEDDED METADATA to ON (in Settings, General).

If ON, this will cause Infuse to use the embedded metadata for all files which contain it, otherwise it will look (as normal) for local .nfo. If neither is present, it will use the TMDB-sourced metadata it downloaded when importing and identifying the files.

Have you actually used embedded metadata and gotten it to work? I have not.

Because of this, I have gone back and forth with Infuse support asking specifically if Infused used the metadata embedded in the actual media file. There response is that they do not…

I think they meant you can’t change the embedded metadata through Infuse, because Infuse doesn’t edit media files.

They might have confused the two questions.

I don’t use embedded metadata but plenty of users have complained here that Infuse was displaying it (replacing poster images with embedded release group logos, for example, on downloaded content they can’t rename — active torrents — or maybe whatever it is you’re doing).

The solution is they had enabled the “embedded metadata” option and turning it off prevented them from being shown.

Which defined process? Infuse already uses a standard naming scheme. Your files need to conform to that.

Because you are complaining your files are not being recognized correctly by Infuse, because the person who named the files isn’t naming them correctly. Are you not asking for Infuse to change its logic so your non-standard files get recognized even with their non-standard naming?

Infuse pulls metadata from TMDB. Regarding media titles, what is “correct” is whatever TMDB says it is.

As for file name format; TV episodes are only properly recognized if including the correct series name followed by season and episode numbers in the filename in one of the formats specified in Infuse’s support documents; all other media is assumed to be a movie.

“Correct” in the latter case is following the standards recognized by Infuse as specified.

Just to clarify, Infuse is able to use the info embedded within the video file and display this in the app. This means you can see things like the embedded tile, description, artwork, etc… instead the details fetched from TMDB.

I think what you are asking for is something a little different and that is to classify things in the Library based on embedded metadata only.

For example, if your filename is ‘Inception-2010.mkv’ but the embedded metadata says it’s Breaking Bad Season 1 Episode 2, Infuse will still treat this item as a movie but display it with the details from Breaking Bad.

Unfortunately, this is not supported at this time but I’ve moved your post to an existing thread which discusses the feature I think you are looking for.

Thanks for the clarifications. I would like the option for Infuse to use the embedded metadata, including the media type, thumbnail, TV Season, TV episode, cast, crew, etc. specifically when it can’t find the file from the filename. I wasn’t seeing Infuse use the embedded metadata at all, even after turning on “Embedded Metadata” and going to a file and selecting “- none - use embedded metadata”.

I then contacted Infuse support and interpreted the response as Infuse doesn’t use embedded metadata at all.

However, I cleared the metadata cache and it is now pulling the embedded metadata (mostly) correctly. It still is classifying things it can’t find in TMDB as “Other” even though the embedded metadata says it’s a movie. However, sounds like this is expected behavior.

Lastly, I would think that if I chose “refresh metadata”, this would clear the metadata cache and update all the metadata, but previous embedded thumbnails are still used even though I removed these images from the file.

Thanks for the support.

You need to delete the metadata cache from the settings/general/metatdata item at the bottom of the general options list to remove ALL your library metadata (and also any backups of that in iCloud or the new Amazon Cloud Storage).

Refresh metadata I think just looks for new metadata updates from TMDB; and Scan for Changes only updates the library to index newly added (or renamed) files and remove from the library files that no longer exist in their previously indexed location or whose filenames have been changed.

Yes, I now know that you have to clear ALL the metadata cache to show one new thumbnail if you’re using the embedded metadata.

This is cumbersome as it means I then have to update the metadata again on the media files that link to the wrong TMDB file. Examples are: Pixar shorts La Luna, Palm Springs, and Burn•E and multiple Looney Tunes animation shorts which all pull up the wrong TMDB metadata even though they are named correctly. This takes a bunch of time across multiple devices.

Would be extremely helpful if Infuse actually refreshed the metadata when you choose refresh metadata, even for files using the embedded metadata. Another possible option would be if you could clear the metadata cache only from a specific file.

How do you have these three files named?

Actually, if you just switch the parent folder of the files that uses embedded metadata to use online metadata (long press on the folder in the files browser), it will wipe out the local metadata and replace it with TMDB data, if found; and replace it with nothing if not.

Then when you switch the folder back to use embedded metadata it should wipe out the TMDB metdata and reload whatever the embedded metadata includes.

These are all indexed at TMDB as individual Movies; so if you have them named as parts of a TV series that’s why they aren’t indexing correctly.

Name them as this:

Palm Springs (1989).mkv
Burn-E (2008).mkv
La Luna (2012).mkv