Use default Apple TV subtitles style

Hi to all, it’s possible to change the subtitles style like the Apple TV sub style? (the gray background is very comfortable)


Not at this time, but perhaps in a future update.

Moving to suggestions…


that would be great!
Because sometimes the Infuse-Subtitles are not very good readable if the Video is bright or complex…

With the Apple-Standard-Style it is much more readable.

Please can you add the subtitles style like the Apple TV sub style? (the gray background is very comfortable).
Or a a way to add a background behind the subtitles like in quick time player, for a better readability? because if i change the color or add border and shadow subtitles aren’t always readable!


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Please add this feature, would be good really.

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could you please bring native Apple TV-like subtitles to Infuse on tvOS? I mean Apple TV font face (is it San Francisco?) with semi-transparent frame around.
In case of few TV shows as Narcos where spanish subtitles are embedded, its hard to read subtitles which “sits” on top of it. Yes, you can use offet, but pesonally I dont like shifting subtitles.



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I like the way subtitles are displayed by Plex apps on IOS and TVos. If I am not mistaken, Plex is relying on the system settings.
Is there a way for infuse to rely on those as well (or match exactly what the default Apple style is)?


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Or recommended font/settings to match the default Apple system subtitle style?

As I am a foreigner, almost 100% of what I watch is with subtitles. It would be very nice if Infuse could respect the subtitle style defined in the AppleTV system. That way I would have harmonic subtitles with other streaming apps I use.


+1 for this.

Infuse doesn’t use the AppleTV video player at all, so it might not even have access to those user preferences? I know that I’m able to specify my preferred subtitle styles (font, font size, color, positioning) in Infuse while playing content with text-based subtitles, and those settings appear to stick as I fire up new content (new movies, switch tv shows, etc.).

Are you noticing problems with any specific kind of subtitles? I prefer text-based subtitles (.srt, for example) because I’m able to configure them as I like (and they are also very easy to edit if I notice mistakes). Unfortunately the nature of image-based subtitles (.sub & .idx, for example) don’t leave you that option. Neither would burned-in subtitles, of course.

I ask because Infuse users often get their content from many different sources, and their subs may also come from many different sources and be in many different formats. I suspect streaming services probably use the same type of sub files for everything in their libraries?

Regarding .srt subs — sometimes I’ve encountered these to which style markup code has been added (which I find annoying as heck and strip out when I encounter it), to override a user’s default settings to force specific font colors or sizes for either the entire presentation or to have text colors and/or sizes or positionings change throughout the presentation (presumably to differentiate different speakers with different colors or whatnot). In my experience, subtitles with this sort of markup will fail to respect my preferred style choices; which is why I will have to strip it out (or source a replacement sub file).

Disney+ doesn’t use the ATV video player and yet it has access to the ATV´s user preferences regarding the subtitles. The same with the Prime app.


Currently, I find the subtitle customisation within Infuse to be quite limited especially the font size. I am suggesting Infuse support the ATV built in subtitle settings, which I think is great and has a lot of customisation.



I understand that Infuse uses it’s own player and hence the subtitle settings do not translate over. Maybe have additional options available within Infuse? I find that the default white subtitles are way too bright, especially in dark scenes in HDR & DV modes

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Disney+ also has its own player and the ATV subtitles settings translate over to the Disney+ app.

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Please add this feature.

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No thanks, or if it’s done please keep the current style as an option.