Use audio and subtitles track as set in Plex

I would like that when Infuse has access to a Plex server, not only should show all cover/metadata of Plex’s libraries, but also when you start watching a content via Infuse, the player should use the audio and the subtitles that are set in Plex (since this is not what is happening now: Infuse + Plex: audio and subtitles issues).

it’s super important for non-english user and for people like me with a huge library where every video is carefully already set with proper audio/subtitles tracks.


+1 as an non-english user it’s very important for me too.

I can’t believe it doesn’t work like this, why doesn’t infuse default to using the tracks selected in Plex? It’s basically unusable as an Anime library because I have no control over the subtitle and language tracks that I’ve already perfectly set up in plex.

Did anything ever happen with this @james?