Use as a remote for Infuse on other devices

For those of you following this thread, I ran across this option and it sounds like it may fit the needs expressed in this thread. I don’t have to ability to test myself but it sounds like a very workable solution.

This requires you to have a “switch”, which is a piece of accessibility hardware

I’m pretty sure it’s using another Apple device like an iPhone or Mac for the “switch” part.

No additional hardware needed. If you read through the page it discusses how to control an iphone/mac with another iphone/mac on the same wifi network.

Now you can use the switch connected to your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch to control the other device.

Regardless, controlling the device remotely is not the same thing as controlling the app via the app’s UI on another device.

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Sad, the developer hasn’t come up with an idea to control (example pause/play) a device connected to a monitor via hdmi using your other iPhone or iPad. Im thinking and finding ways to do that without standing up everytime i need to pause or play or select next episode cause im getting tired of doing it so i thought of an idea of controlling infuse remotely and googled it but found nothing. I guess it’s not possible.

The only solution here is to buy a wireless hdmi so you can put your infuse near you.

i do wonder if iCloud can be as realtime as needed to facilitate a feature like Spotify’s Remote Control feature