Use as a remote for Infuse on other devices

I have my iPad plugged into the TV using the Lightning Digital AV Adapter. It would be cool if I could use the iPhone app to control the iPad when it’s plugged in.


That’d be a really nice feature! Also be cool if you could use your headphones to listen, bit like you can plug headphones into the Roku remote.

This would be an incredible feature. I spend a lot of time in hotel rooms where the TV has a HDMI input across the room. I would love to plug my iPAd into the TV and then be able to control it remotely. The remote should work with the networks it being fully accessible.

In that it would be best if one if the devices worked over the cellular and the other worked over wifi, or both over cellular, that would probably require bouncing off a central server.

I would pay extra for this feature.

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I would pay extra for this feature too.

I would love to have an option to connect to infuse on iPad and control playback from my iphone.

Example. Kids on the back seat have ipad my wife is on front seat and select what is playing on ipad via her iphone.

Could be much better with the Apple TV ! Select the film on the iPhone for the Apple TV.

Hey team,

would it be possible to have an app/mode in the ios app that can remote control Infuse on tvos?

Similar to how the Plex app works, or how the various Kodi apps work, where the ios app isn’t airplaying, but it just sending the appropriate command for the tvos app to load a particular file, change subtitles/audio tracks, play/pause, etc?

Thank you

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You mean this?

I mean like this:

You can browse your library, select a movie, queue what’s next, and maybe even add extra buttons not available on the apple remote (like a button to directly change the audio stream or subtitle stream).


I am a long time Plex user and one feature Plex has that I have t seen anywhere else is the ability to remote control playback from one device to another. This isn’t casting to another device, just remote control.

This feature is invaluable when on a road trip with a kiddo in the back who is too little to control the device himself. My wife can sit comfortably in the passenger seat and pick shows, control playback, and even adjust the volume!

Once playback has started it is no longer dependent on the controller since it isn’t casting but just starting and adjusting the playback.

It would be awesome if Infuse had this feature too! I don’t love the direction Plex is headed and would love to jump ship but I really need this feature for road trip sanity!

Since Macs don’t have an IR port anymore, Infuse on macOS it’s not so easy and smooth to use as on tvOS.

So, my idea is to add a “Remote” feature on Infuse for iOS/iPadOS so the app can switch from player to remote while Infuse is running on macOS.

This would be an amazing killer feature if the iOS app could work that way.

Vote for it if you like my idea. Thanks.


This would be an incredible feature. Browsing the library on your phone and launching the playback on another device (ATV4K).

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