Use Apple TV to store main iTunes Library


What I would like to be able to do is to have only one media library. So, no storing files on my MacBook then syncing across to the Apple TV. Currently I have an external USB drive attached to my Time Capsule. This drive is used to store the iTunes library for my Macbook. Ideally if I bought an Apple TV, the Apple TV would have all the media library (including playlists and podcasts) stored directly in it’s primary storage (so as not to double up on the storage requirements). Whenever I imported a CD through iTunes on my Macbook, it would be imported directly onto the Apple TV primary drive, as would any downloaded podcasts etc. Can this be done? I was thinking that the Apple TV drive would become the NAS in this configuration?



Unfortunately the AppleTV wouldn't be able to act as a NAS in this regard. Any iTunes media you wish to play through the standard Music menu would need to be synced or streamed from iTunes - syncing would require the media to be store in two places, on the AppleTV and in iTunes.