Use AirPods skip controls for time skip

On Apple TV, using the “skip forward” and “skip backward” commands on Airpods Max (double- and triple-clicking the digital crown) goes forward and backward one chapter, although chapter controls are turned off.

Using the Siri remote goes forward and backward 10s as expected.
(I have no ideas whether this is new with version 7.7.4 or not)


Same for AirPods Pro here. Skipping ignores the 10s backwards and forwards setting and instead advances by an entire chapter. I also have the “Chapter Controls” setting off.

Do the buttons on the ATV remote or on the iOS device function correctly?

Same behaviour on tvOS, iOS and iPadOS.
The remote for aTV works just fine as does double-tapping on iOS/iPadOS.

So the devices and the associated remotes work as they are supposed to based on the Infuse chapter control but the controls on the airpods only do chapters regardless of the Infuse settings for chapter control, correct?

I don’t use any other remotes besides the AirPods Pro with iOS/iPadOS but, for the aTV, the “Chapter Control” setting is respected when enabled and using the Siri Remote.
Disabling “Chapter Control” skips backwards/forward 10s when using the remote.