USB to BlueTooth for Aple Keybd/mouse?


I just discovered aTV Flash and Im seriously considering buying it.

Have someone tried to hok up a Bluetooth USB dongle that would enble the installation of an wireless apple Keyboard and mouse?

That would be the perfect combo for my living room!

What about an UDB hub? is ths suppoorted?

Thank, aTV flash sound very good… Too bad apple didn’t developp their product like this… I don’t normally like hacking my product, but this seems too good to not do it…

USB hubs are supported, however Bluetooth devices are not.

Wireless devices that use non-Bluetooth technology (E.G. RF or IR) can be used.

Why ???

Is it working now with 4.0.3 ?? Or is it a upcoming feature ??
This would be a great Thing. Is it to hard to implement it to ATV Flash ?
I guess it’s a big wish from many users…Because an Apple BT Keyboard is much
cheaper than an iPhone or iPod touch.

Please think about it for the next release…
Or give us a tutorial on your wiki page how to get it run.

Thanks a lot guys, you do a great job !!

How to send a locked ringtone vis bluetooth? I bought a new phone today as my old phone is falling apart! I have ringtones on my old phone i wanted to send via bluetooth to my new one (which i’ve paid for) but they’re locked…Is there anyway to unlock them? Thanks!

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