USB Primary Storage


I have followed the instructions on I had a misstep in different setps for the first two tries and used the “reversing the process” for each. (this could be where I went wrong)

See if I can remember -
First mistake
cp -R /mnt/Media/* /mnt/Scratch/Volumes/MYDRIVE (forgot to take out MYDRIVE)
cp -R /mnt/Media/* /mnt/Scratch/Volumes/“name of my drive”
completed the steps
Reversed the steps

Second Attempt
step 6 sudo ln -s /mnt/Scratch/Volumes/MYDRIVE /mnt/Media"name of my drive"
sudo chown -h frontrow:frontrow /mnt/Media
directory error I think → redid step 6
sudo ln -s /mnt/Scratch/Volumes/“name of my drive” /mnt/Media
completed the steps
Reversed the steps

Third attempt
Followed steps completely

Apple TV still did not boot correctly as explained below so I reversed the steps and tried
sudo ln -s /mnt/Scratch/Volumes/“name of my drive” /mnt/Media
without the space after “name of my drive” and before “/”
Same directory error as the second attempt’s miskey so I put the space back in, completed the steps, and reversed the steps.

Fourth attempt
Followed the steps correctly.

When I reboot, either by unplugging or going to Maintenance–>Reboot, the Apple Logo Screen comes up and stays up. I press the Menu button on my remote and the Apple TV “T-style” Menu screen pops up. However, the menu tree, under the words “[Apple/icon]TV” is blank.

This sort of tells me that the process worked as far as making the external hard drive the primary hard drive for iTunes to sync media… However, ultimately I can’t do anything since nothing shows up in the menu - No Movies, TV Shows, nitoTV, Maintenance, Settings, nothing.

When I follow the “Reversing the process” instructions and reboot, Everything comes back under normal aTV Flash operations with all the additional programs. I go to nitoTV → Files and my external hard drive is there with files (including the copied media and /Media.old file).

It seems it’s only halfway booting from the external or not everything is copying to the external as it should. The hard drive has been formated as Mac OS Extended (Journaled). Any suggestions?

My thought is I should restore the AppleTV to factory condition, reinstall aTV Flash, get the USB hard drive and Keyboard functionality working again, reformat my external hard drive, try it again without miskeys. I have reinstalled several times, once I ran into a problem in terminal with an error saying “WARNING: Remote Host Identification Has Changed on SSH” but I found a command that cleared that issue (I hope that is not a part of the problem). The command was
rm -f ~/.ssh/known_hosts

I too had the exact same issues… doing a restore to factory and reinstalling everything worked. I did have to delete the hosts file to reconnect, but other than that it worked without a hitch!

I simply named my external drive: MYDRIVE

That way I could just copy/paste all the commands from the Wiki :wink:

BUT - when I try to play synced movies and TV-shows via the normal AppleTV menu, I get occasional lag/hickup as if the USB drive suddenly needs to do something else before returning to the movie :cry:

Anybody else having problems like that?