USB primary storage -Movie Madness

Ok so I’ve spent a considerable time trying to figure out what to do once I’ve enabled my external HD as my primary storage for Apple TV.

My assumption from the start was that I could take my existing .mp4 movie files and drag them onto the appropriate folder on the newly structured HD. Originally, I could SFTP my movies onto the AppleTV movies folder and they would appear in frontrow. Now, I look at the newly formatted Hard-drive and the structure is different and no matter where I add movies nothing appears in frontrow.

Can anyone provide some insight into this issue. I don’t want to have to sync or sftp files all the time. I would expect that itunes has a specific folder it looks at to get the movies. If I tag all my files and add them to that folder it should read them like it used to.

*Do you need to add movies in separate individual folders? And if so which folder do I add them to?

If the drive is setup as primary storage and you wish to add non-iTunes media to it this media should be placed in the ‘External Media’ folder on the drive. When connected via FTP there is a shortcut to this folder located inside the Movies folder.

Thanks for the quick reply guardianmax,

Ok, I saw that folder and added files to it, however, the files don’t show up in my Apple TV frontrow menu like they do when I sync with itunes. The bottom line was that I wanted to be able to add movies (drag and drop) on my hard-drive without FTP and have them visible in frontrow (hence making the usb hard-drive the primary hd). I find boxee and xbmc are far to buggy and the skins are weak (although getting better) which is why I want to use Apple TVs interface.

This is likely a stupid question but, is the file structure supposed to be different on the external HD compared to internal HD? I could get this to work in the past using mp4 files and just adding them to the Movies folder on the internal Apple TV hard-drive (frontrow would recognize them, tags and all). Would I need to make a “Movies” folder under “External media” and add all my movies to that?

Dragging media to the External Media folder will copy the media to the drive, however only 3rd party plugins such as nitoTV and Sapphire can access these files. The standard Movies/TV Shows menus will only recognized media that is synced through iTunes.