USB Mass Storage (HDD)

I would most definitely second this!

Using the ATV Flash patchstick, on my base 2.0 software Apple TV, I can get USB working.

The process goes:
Factory Restore to Fresh Setup (2.0.0 software - DO NOT UPDATE to 2.0.2)
Patchstick using ATV Flash
Download the Mac OSX 10.4.9 Combo Updater image
Upload the image to the Documents folder of your ATV
Run the kextloader installer from the nitoTV settings
Run the Smart Installer from the nitoTV settings

If you have an Apple TV that factory restores to the 1.0 software, apparently it is much easier to get the nito smart installer to add AFP and USB support, but at this time, this is all that I have gotten to work on my ATV (with a 2.0 restore partition).

We’re hoping to have USB functionality in upcoming versions.


USB Mass Storage will work. I used the manual from
and it works fine (with the aTV 3.0).