USB Key Setup

I am trying to install the ATV Flash installer version 4.1 onto my USB key. So far I have tried two different keys Lacie 8gb key (I am aware larger sized keys can be a problem) and a Verbatum 1gb Key (which has been used on previous updates).

From what I can see on the forums here the key issues seem to arise when actually trying to install the update onto the apple TV box. My problem is that I cant even get the ATV Flash software to start the key setup.

ATV Flash software sees the keys in the drop down menu
I select the usb key
then I would expect the start button to no longer be grayed out. However for some reason it remains grayed out.

I have reformatted both keys! Anyone got any suggestions. Perhaps I’m doing something really stupid but I can’t see it!

Sorry, I have solved this. Still a problem on my iMac however worked fine on my MacBook!

I will be taking a hammer to my iMac :wink: