usb hub powered with multiple usb hard disk

Hi everybody, I’m just guessing how (and if) will function to connect (for example) two identical and of the same brand usb hard disk to a usb hub powered.

I’ll try to explain me better:

  1. Apple TV
  2. usb hub powered connected to Apple TV
  3. two Lacie Hard disk 1TB (but the sample is the same for other brands) connected to usb hub powered

I mean: when I connect the 1st usb hard disk this is seen by Apple TV as (for example) \volumes\lacie
when I connect the 2nd how this will be seen by Apple TV ? As the same name as before ? (\volumes\lacie)

However I can’t test it right by now but I’m going to use it in the near future…

Thank you, dalrmi.

Your best option would be to give the drives two unique names in order to easily identify each.

Hi, thank you for your quick reply but I’m guessing how this operation should be done, I mean: on the Apple TV after connecting the second identical usb hard disk (how?) or it’s better to connect to my iMac first and doing here the name change ? In this case the new name will be maintained once connected the usb hard disk to the Apple TV ?

Thanks, dalrmi.

Connect the drive to a different computer and change the name there first.
And yes, the name should be retained if you did it right.

Thank you very much. :smiley:

Bye, dalrmi.