USB Hub is it possible?

i have a usb 7port hub, i wanted to hook up 2 external HD’s, is it even possible to use an usb hub? so far it doesn’t seem to work but i figured someone here may know how to get it working. Also does a key board work? it would be much easier ot use a usb keyboard as well… just my 2 cents.

btw this is so worth the money! :smiley:

Hmm… I had asked the same question and I was told that a USB hub would work fine. Perhaps a different hub or only certain hubs work. . . I’ll be watching this thread for more info.

In theory a USB hubs should work. We haven’t tested it though.

One requirement would be a powered USB hub.

If anyone tries this, let us know if you have it working.

Usb hub working - Confirmation

Used at Micro Innovations 4 port hub on an Apple TV running 3.2.2 version of atv flash.

  • First step was testing hub on mac - working
  • Second step, tested on apple tv with two external hd’s - both worked

  • I connected my keyboard to the apple tv and it seems to work fine to input values - Nothing fancy there.

  • I then paired my touch to the apple tv & fired up remote each time i have to input a value on the apple tv. The thing works great. Good for searching using google, etc. So far that is what ive used it for. Once you bookmark a site you can save the bookmarks.plist for future use…etc

hmm, i bought a dlink dub h7 and it does NOT work with the apple tv (this one is a powered usb hub)

i was a little disappointed…

I went to Publix today and decided to buy a $10 4port usb hub (non powered, GE hub) - this one works perfect!

now i have another problem, i have 4 external HD’s all are the WD my books. 1 is the older version(usb only, 500 GB) and 3 are the newer ones(firewire and esata and usb, 1TB, 500GB, 500GB)…
the old, usb only drive, works perfect! the other 3 do not work at all… is anyone else having this problem?

I m thinking of going out and buying the older version again so i can have atleast 2 external drives.

Would like to know if anyone else is having this prob.