USB Hard drive Question

So I am interested in this product but one question the video didn’t answer for me was about buying content direct from the Apple TV interface and how that interacts with an External drive. There was lots of explanation about using it to put data into a USB drive so it can be accessed by the ATV but I didn’t see/hear where it would actually be considered storage that you can save to when buying via the Apple TV.

Does the ATV use it’s internal storage 1st and then automatically move to saving to ext. storage once full or do you have to manually point to it when saving… or can you save to it at all via the ATV interface?

Hopefully I’m making sense here. What I’m asking seems like a pretty silly question but I have not heard/seen an answer that addressed this specific question.

Thanks in advance

If you setup your external drive as primary storage, any content purchased through the AppleTV or iTunes will be stored on the external drive.

Thanks very much for the info!

I have a few questions. As a PC user IU need to buy a 2TB formated in FAt 32. The process explained above seems easy to get it to read your ITunes stuff. After it syncs I can go to my PC and bring over my DVd (.vob files) for Boxee?

Also someone said that FAT32 no single file can be 4gig…yet vob dvd are larger…is this true? If so solutions?

Search and you will find.

I did and I followed your post and still lost. I am more of…show me simple and then I get it. But from what I gather even if you format it HTS+ it is still limited. What do you think of this. I would get a external format to FAT32 just for the Standard Apple TV and Itunes music and movie files. I will keep my DVD (.vob files) on another external hooked to my computer and run the DVD from there as NTSC (whatever) has no file limits. Now the pictures were choppy with my old router and someone here said get a new Wireless N router and that will stream it perfectly. Sound good?

If you’re ripping your DVDs into a VIDEO_TS folder (not ISO) you shouldn’t have any issues with a FAT32 formatted drive. While the DVD itself is over 4GB, the VIDEO_TS folder is comprised of multiple files, none of which are much over 1GB in size.

OK this where I might be confused. I use DVD Shrink to rip a movie. Now say Spiderman thru this makes an entire folder around 4gig. Now the files inside are yes under that (1-20 individual files). So with fat 32 its no SINGLE file over 4 gig its any single file. So even if a folder of music is 100 gig…each song file is 500mg. Is that it?

Yes, as long as no single file is over 4GB you will have no issues you with the FAT32 format. A folder with 500 x 1GB files would be perfectly fine.

guardian…TY for putting up with us “slow people” and always taking the time to answer nicely to us LOL. I am 44 and I have 3 kids so my time to take my time is over! But I am loving the ATV with the software. Now to save my money and get a external and wireless n

Any suggestions on a good 2TB external harddrive. I have had WD My Book in the past with now problem. But on Apple Store and Tiger direct there were some bad reviews.

I am looking on New Egg and see a 2TB Cavalry exteranl. Reviews are good. I have a 500 gig one now and (KNOCK ON WOOD) works fine. Plus I have been slowly uploading all my files to Carbonite. One thing someone mentioned is a using a eSata cable. I see the attachment on the external but does this go into USB 2? My computer is old and I am not doing anything to it so if not I will stick to the USB 2 mode of transfer