USB Hard Drive Prep


I am new to using MAC OS and would like to know how to partition/format a USB drive attached to my Apple TV.

I am familiar with these procedures on systems using Linux and suspect something similar should exist for Apple TV.



Since its been a few days and there have been no replies that usually means one of two things:

1 - The answer is so basic and well known that only a newbie (outsider) would not know this information. (happens to me a lot)
2 - No one that has viewed this post really knows or cares to know this type of information.

In any event I continued to search the net and being that I do not use or have access to a Mac at all, I started with some basic queries for manuals or documentation that may help.

Well I just found a site that looks very promising and believe it will fill in many of the missing details I have related to understanding Mac OS X command line functions.

For formatting a drive in Mac OS you can follow the steps here: