USB hard drive 4TB

Hi guys
Wonder if you could help me on this.
I have 4TB drive (two bays of two) which to I have ripped all my CDs to.
However AppleTV does not recognise it, at all. I have test it using small 2GB USB and its fine.
What to do? When I tried to plug the hard drive back to the iMac I get the message that iMac does not recognise the drive either. Have I lost all my files on it? (!!!)
Thank you for your help

Unfortunately the AppleTV will only support drives up to 2TB.

Damn (am I allow to say this here)
Any idea why the drive is not recognised by iMac now?
Has connecting it to AppleTV deleted all the content?


AppleTV should not have altered anything on the drive just by connecting/trying to mount it. Is it formatted in HFS+?
4TB is no issue using HFS+.

Isn’t there any way to get drives largen than 4TB going with the hacked Apple TV? Because OS X 10.4 shure does support them, so where’s the problem?

I believe support for larger USB drives came along in OSX 10.4.10 or 10.4.11. The AppleTV is actually running 10.4.7.

Damn it. But there should be a way to implement that in the current version. Isn’t there. I really was hoping to use my 4TB drive as my primary media center.