USB external not recognizing after update

I’ve reinstalled this three times already and keep getting “Empty folder! The folder is empty or has no files with supported suffixes”. I’ll step you through what I’ve done

  1. Reverted to Factory Restore
  2. Updated to 3.0.2 and synced with iTunes
  3. Installed via flash USB
  4. Maintenance > Settings > nito Smart Installer
  5. Unplugged after success to restart ATV.

Also under nito > Settings > Install Software
Perian up to date
mplayer codecs installed
Smart Installer installed
during Install Emulators there was an error and I caught a flash of an OS X interface screen (before finder restarted) that clearly showed the external drive was mounted.

My original drive is a 1TB WD My Book. I also just tried connecting a 1 TB G Drive which didn’t recognize either.
:frowning: I’ve spent a good 8+ hours trying to fix this and am really frustrated at this point. Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

Is the drive being connected before of after the AppleTV is powered on? Some drives prefer to be connected after the AppleTV menu appears.

I am having this issue as well. it will see the WD SmartWare file but not my drive or my movie files. I have done every reboot reinstall plugged unplugged combo you can. Still Nothing. is this going to be addressed soon. it seems to be consistent with this update throughout this forum. thanks

It seems NTFS partitions do not work reliably for whatever reason I dont understand. The only way I could get reliable operation with my Seagate Free Agent drive is by partioning it in Apple format (HFS extended). And I used MacDrive software on PC to mount it on a PC. FAT32 partition works fine but there is a limit to how large a single file can be (I think it is 2G) and if you are using DVD ISO files, FAT32 wont work.

Mac OSX can only read an NTFS formatted drive, only way to actually write to an NTFS drive is to install Paragon NTFS for Mac (or similar app). This is not installed normally on your AppleTV.

Maybe that is the reason?

Also try running Smart Installer one more time from the NitoTV settings menu.

Drives up to 2TB in Mac OS or FAT32 format will work. NTFS drives are not supported on the AppleTV.