USB external hard drive Problems...Help

ok. I have tried everything and I cannot get my apple tv to recognize my external USB drives (which is the main reason I bought the ATV Flash software). I have tried different drives (WD, Toshiba, Hitachi) of various different sizes (111GB, 320gb, 1TB) and none work. I have reformatted them to FAT32 and even bought MAC Drive 8 and reformatted each of them on my windows PC to MAC HFS+. I have tried plugging in the USB drive to the apple tv before and after it has rebooted. I have reinstalled Nito smart installer several times. All to no avail? HELP. I can neither switch the apple tv to external storage in the maintenance menu, nor can I see the drive in the Nito:Files menu. I am not using a hub and the WD and Hitachi drives are externally powered and the Toshiba is not. The Apple Tv will recognize a USB drive (SanDisk Cruzer 2GB) for reinstalling ATV Flash so i know the USB connector generally works.

Have you tried this:

I had not tried that, but not sure I understand how to do what is suggested in that thread. All of my computers are PCs not MACs. Are you talking about the documents folder in Apple TV? How do I access it? Also, where do I find those files referenced in that thread? Lastly, that fix seems to apply where playback from the movies is working, albeit slowly. I don’t see my external drive at all either in NITO or on the maintenance menu.

Yep, documents folder on AppleTV.

It can be accessed using any SSH/SCP/SFTP client logging in to your AppleTV. Follow the link in the bottom of that comment to see full directory paths etc.

To find the files, you need to use your google force. The service pack is linked in the comment referenced above also.

Do I have to build teh recovery.dmg file like one of the sites I found on google says or is it findable itself on google? also, is it possible to find OS-dot-DMG_1.0.dmg and then just rename it?

Yes it is.

Dude, thank you thank you thank you. It worked!

Can I create the OS-dot-DMG_1.0.dmg file myself somehow if I perform a factory restore of my AppleTV? It restores to version 1.0 since I purchased it when it first came out.

If the AppleTV restores back to 1.0, yes you can create the file yourself.

Description on how is found here:

Step 5 is the one you are looking for.

odinb, thank you…i successfully obtained the recovery.dmg file.

I was previously having issues in recognizing my external USB drive (WD 1TB formatted mac os), so I followed all your steps in your posts and obtained all the correct files (including coreaudiokit.framework from my 10.4.10 install disk). However, my USB drive is still not being recognized. I am using AppleTV 3.0.2, and i uploaded the 3 files you mentioned into the documents folder on the AppleTV before running the smart installer. The smart installer came up with “install partial or failed” the first time I ran it. I proceeded with a restart anyways, and mounted the USB drive after it booted. Didn’t work, so I tried having the drive connected and running before booting up again…still no good. Ran smart installer again to see the errors (see log below). Any help is greatly appreciated since I feel I am running out of options here.

nitoinstall.log (2nd time) :

2010-02-22 01:15:54.786 nitoHelper[200] valid recovery image found!

2010-02-22 01:15:58.972 nitoHelper[200] mach_kernel.prelink already patched or unrecognized

2010-02-22 01:15:58.983 nitoHelper[200] kextloader already installed!

2010-02-22 01:15:59.432 nitoHelper[200] bins installed successfully!

2010-02-22 01:16:04.701 nitoHelper[200] XML parser error:
Unexpected character h at line 1
Old-style plist parser error:
Unexpected ‘;’ or ‘=’ after key at line 1
2010-02-22 01:16:04.701 nitoHelper[200] mount: /Users/frontrow/Documents/MacOSXUpdCombo10.4.9Intel.dmg failed

Looks like there is something wrong with the “MacOSXUpdCombo10.4.9Intel.dmg” according to your message log.

This might also explain your issues with USB mounts.

Try redownloading the “MacOSXUpdCombo10.4.9Intel.dmg” from Apple and rerun the smart Installer.

Thank You! Finally working now. Redownloading the file worked.

Good deal!


I had to redownload “MacOSXUpdCombo10.4.9Intel.dmg” myself to get USB support working. Ok, now the drive is mounted and I have “switched” Itunes to the external drive. Unfortunately, on ITUNES it does not appear that the increased space is being reflected. That is, the limit still reads ~148MB rather than the ~750MB it should read given the attached Hitachi drive is 1TB. Any ideas?