USB Drive

When I try to access my external USB drive, (Nito TV -files), the following message is displayed: “Empty Folder!- The folder is empty or has no files with supported suffixes.” This began after a 3.6.4 upgrade and continues to be a problem after the 4.0 upgrade. Also, I am unable to access the drive using Cyberduck. I’ve run smart installer twice. The same message is displayed when I disconnect the drive. Since I appear to be alone with this problem, I’m thinking its my Apple TV unit. Any thoughts?

Have you had a chance to run the Smart Installer ( This step is required for enabling the USB port for external drives. When connected, the drive will be visible in the nitoTV > Files menu.

Yes, as I stated in my post, I’ve run smart installer two times.

After running the smart installer, do’nt forget to restart AppleTV.

Perhaps through the Utilities menu from NitoTV: Restart Apple TV.

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