USB drive worked with older aTVFlash versions, not 3.6.x

I’ve used the same usb drive for all previous aTVFlash upgrades, this time the ATV refuses to boot to the usb drive. Thinking my usb stick was bad, I installed ATV-USBCreator and attempted an install. It worked perfectly. I’m convinced something is wrong with the 3.6.x line of installers.

I’ve removed the U3 tools from the Sandisk Cruzer 2GB.
I’ve formatted with all zeros.
I’ve tried multipile other USB drives, all with no luck.

If ATV-USBCreator is able to boot, the ATV, then the aTVFlash installer has to be screwing something up.

Any ideas?

I just installed 3.6.1 on a HP V100W 2GB and the ATV still doesn’t see the drive on boot. :frowning:

Really? I was able to create the drive on that exact USB stick. Did you try erasing the USB drive with zeroes?

I’ve the same problem where 2 USB drives worked well with ATV flash, previous version, but not with the new 3.6 one.

It seems that, when booting, the usb is read by the Apple TV but not recognized as a boot system.

Any one to help at AppleCore !!!

I have just purchased my first Apple TV unit today. I also bought an 8Gb San Disk Cruzer memory stick, erased it to zero. I bought the aTV Flash download and followed the instructions to the letter.

My problem is that I cannot get my Apple TV to boot from the memory stick. If I let the Apple TV boot as normal without the stick inserted, then plug it in once booted then the stick is recognised and the little orange activity light on the stick lights up.

However, if I unplug the Apple TV, remove the stick, wait for a few seconds and insert the stick and plug the stick back in prior to powering up then I get 1 faint flicker, the Apple TV starts to boot, a slightly longer flicker off roughly 2 or 3 seconds and the stick fails to be recognised. The Apple TV boots as normal and the stick light remains off. It’s the same as the previous poster - it’s initially recognised as being plugged in, but clearly not being picked up as a boot.

I’ve gone through your manual, plus the tech video on YouTube. Nothing is different.

At the moment I am using an old iBook G4 installed with OSX V10.4.11. My 20" iMac Intel Duo is in for a minor repair, but I don’t think this should have any baring on whether this works or not.

Generally USB drives larger than 4GB do not work that well with aTV Flash. Do you happen to have a 1 or 2GB USB drive lying around? You can check out the following link to verify models that do work.

I have also just recently bought the Apple TV because of the benefits of ATV Flash. However, I was unable to boot fromthe 2 USB sticks I had; Crucial 4 GB and Crucial 8 GB (sold at Apple store). The Apple TV will not boot. Is there a problem with the new update and the inability to boot? I see someone else is having the problem.

Really? I was able to create the drive on that exact USB stick. Did you try erasing the USB drive with zeroes?[/quote]

I’ve tried zeroing them out, formatting manually, just about every troubleshooting step. I have about 15 flash drives and tried them all. It won’t boot from flash.

I was able to get ATVUSB-Creator to boot on all the drives that didn’t work with ATVFlash. I suspect something’s wacky during the install process. The partition looks correct and should boot, but it doesn’t.

I’m wondering if the issue is with the update dmg being used. I download the update with each new release of ATVFlash. Is it possible to run it with an older version of the updates?

I was a little disappointed to see that I can’t rollback to an older version, it just complains that it’s not the latest version and quits. - This appears to solve the problem, albeit it involves getting your hands a little mucky…