USB Drive Support

We’re hoping to have USB functionality in upcoming versions.


Is it in the v3.1?


Not in 3.1 unfortunately. Coming soon though.

Spent all that time wacking the new update in (You have factory restore for an old update), wiped everything off put everything back on and guess what.
No USB support.
Not A happy bunny.
So what actually did we do, mmm a cleared directory listings and err ?
a nice installer (but what else should you expect from a Mac) .

ok who is out there than can rewrite the old code, it was working in version 1.02
This is not rocket science we just need to talk to the usb port.

Ok you have cracked it.

The 3.2 not only speaks to the usb external hard drive but the last upgrade does not not wipe out my preferences.

Fantastico one happy punter. :smiley: :smiley:

I have got the usb drive working using Tiger files as ATV Flash told me. When I upgrade to ATV 2.2 and ATVFlash 3.4 will they be wiped out??