USB drive not recongnized with 3.2.2

I just upgraded AppleTV to 2.2.
Then I needed to reinstall ATV flash with 3.2.2.
Although everything seemed to work ok, I am facing this strange fact:
My external USB drive (with all my avi movies) is not mounted. Even from the terminal, I cannot see it.

I then managed to force it with many tips : Take2USB, install MacOSXUpdCombo10.4.9Intel.dmg via Smart Update.
Both solutions ended with my USB drive getting recognized. Fine.
Well, at it least, I could see it from a terminal session.

But in both case, these operations drove me mad with the AppleTV Menu. I can not use my Remote control anymore. The menu appears on screen, but I can do NOTHING. The remote is not responding (except to the reset command. I let me believe, the Remote is OK, the menu handler of the appletv is dead).

Any idea of some operation I could do. I am dying not being able to see my divx…

Help !!!

You can not use aTV Flash 3.2.2 with AppleTV 2.2. The first version of aTV Flash to work with 2.2 is 3.3.2. Apple changed a few things in AppleTV 2.2 that messed up aTV Flash and thus the developers here had to re-write a few things. One thing Apple changed was the remote control mappings. Up is not up anymore, down is not down, etc. Download the newest version, 3.3.5 and you should be fine. You might have to redo the 10.4.9 Update after the patch, but you won’t have to restore the AppleTV, you can just patch 3.3.5 over 3.2.2.

I am now 3.4.3 with AppleTV 2.3.
The hack operations went well, but again, my external drive remains unmounted.

I have no idea about where I went wrong.
Can anyone help ? pleeaaaaase.

Same here. External drive won’t show up.

I ran the 10.4.9 patch again and the drive showed up. Not sure what I did different but it worked.

I am having a similar problem. I bought today atv flash 3.3.4 but the USB External Drive won’t mount. I would like to know if the external drive capacity will be then recognized by the apple tv when synchronizing with iTunes?

At this point the external drive is only to store things by transferring them via CyberDuck or Fugu. I do not have an answer to allow the external drive to show up as the internal drive yet in iTunes.

Ok, I installed all the required programs and now I can see the External HD mounted in nitoTV and Sepphire.