USB Drive (need help)

I have just put a Western Digital USB HDD in my Apple TV. The thing is that it works properly, I can see everything inside it but, what if I want to put something inside?. I cannot see the drive in the left side of the finder and I can´t event see it using cyberduck connected to my Apple Tv, I only see the folders inside the AppleTv but not the drive. Am I supossed to see it in the finder? How can I get files into it? Thank you very much. I have the very first version of Apple Tv now updated to 2.1 and new ATVFlash software.

If you have the first version of the Apple TV, you will be able to enable AFP and see the Apple TV hard drive in the finder.

Take a look at:

I have already done that but when I try to connect I get a message saying: “Connection fails: server may not exist or not disponible at this time…” I have looked in the documents folder on the Apple Tv and I don´t see any item called Recovery 1.0.demg. Should it be there? I have no frontrow folder, just a Documents one. Hope I have explained myself.

If you have not placed a ‘recovery.dmg’ file in the /Documents folder yourself, it won’t be there. Part of the instructions for getting AFP to work is for us users to find/make such a file and move it and the 10.4.9ComboIntel.dmg file there. By the way, that name is what is required by the NitoTV Smart Installer and may not be the name of the file you locate in cyberspace. It may be called OS-dot-DMG.

The only people who can make one are those with ATVs with firmware 1.0. The rest of us are s**t out of luck to use a phrase. We can try to find one; however, I have had no luck yet with that. Someone sent me what they thought was an accurate version but it didn’t solve the ‘-1069 server not found’ problem so many of us have gotten and it failed the ‘hash code’ test when I used the MD5 command in terminal to read the hash code.


I have a 120gb AppleTV version 2.1 with Patch 3.2. I have a USB drive connected and the ATV sees it and I can play movies from it. I cannot figure out how to move movies from my mac pro over my network to the USB HD. I’m using Transmit as an FTP client. When I log on to the ATV I see the folder “/”. However I can’t see where the USB drvie is mounted. I previously loaded the drive with movies before I connected it to the ATV. Any help would be greatly appreciated.