USB Drive is seen only if formated as HFS

Apple TV 3.0.2., ATV flash 4.2.1

USB Drive Imation Apollo 1TB. ATV only sees it if it is formated as HFS which isn't cool because I am a W7 user and Macdrive software is crap AND costs $50.

I tried formating to FAT32 with the suggested tool, ran SmartInstaller 100 times, reboted, the hole enchillada.

There is nothing else to do, but conclude (at least for this drive) that ATV only takes HFS formated drive. Right?

There is another HFS software for W7 that only costs $15.  Forget what it is called.

Currently only HFS and FAT32 drive formats will be supported. NTFS and exFAT formats will not be recognized.

There is a guide for reformatting your drive in FAT32 format here.

The exFAT format is recognized, but only for initialization after connecting to your ATV with ATVFlash.  Then, when you make the USB Drive external, the drive will be reformated as HFS+ and start working.


The alternative software for reading and wrinting HFS+ on the windows system is

Paragon HFS+ for Windows 8.0 which is only $15.  This will not format a drive to HFS+ but it will allow you to read and write to a drive already formated as HFS+.





I tried formatting the drive as you said, but it still didn't recognize it as fat32. It just doesn't! Why?

1)  format it as exFAT first

2)  Attach USB to ATV1, and set your machine as external drive (use instructions).  That process will format your USB drive as HFS+.

3)  Reset the ATV1 to use the internal drive.

4)  Remove the USB drive and attach to your WIN7 computer.  Use the $15 software I mentioned (Paragon HFS+), and you should see a nice HFS+ formated drive.  That you can use with your ATV1.


I was able to format my Hitachi 3TB drive with MacDrive, 8 under W7, no problem.  I have a nice HFS+ volume visible in W7 for 2.72TB formatted.  However, when I put it with ATVFlash 4.2.1, I do not see the drive.  What gives?  The volume limit for HFS+ is slightly less than 8EB.  Why doesn't ATVFlash see it?  What are my options?  I got media dying to be stored...


Devlin the Distressed