USB Drive is not seen from NitoTV

I have external USB drive connected to AppleTV set as a primary storage. iTunes sees and uses this drive without any problems. Also I see files on this drive in Cyberduck using sftp connection. However in NitoTV / Files menu I can see only movies copied to internal drive of AppleTV, but can not access any data on external drive. The same is with XBMC.

This problem appeared after I upgraded to AppleTV 3.0 / aTV Flash 4.0. Upgrade to 3.0.1/4.0.1 version did not help. With previous versions of software external drive was showing in NitoTV / Files menu and I could run my movies from there, which I can not do anymore.

I tried some advises described in other similar topics but none had helped.

Will appreciate some more ideas.


I have exactly the same problem, and upgraded to aTVFlash 4/4.1 specifically in order to continue to have this functionality with ATV 3/3.1. I keep being told by support to re-run the Flash installer and reboot, but have done this now several times, and it makes absolutely no difference. There are several other similar messages on this Forum. Really wish there was at least an acknowledgement from aTVFlash that the problem was being looked into!