USB drive disconnect internet

Hi, I do have a problem. When i set up my appletv i can setup the internet. When i then connect the usb harddrive the internet is no more available. My appletv is a 2.02 upgraded to 2.1. and i use the 3.2 TV flash. disconnecting the USB drive and some hard labour will bring up the internet again, but connecting the usb drive internet will fall down. Has someone any idee??? please help.
My second question is when i put video.ts on the disk it will play but only in 16:9 so i have a small and long (no screen filling) screen. can this be corrected in mplayer???

Patience is a virtue with the atv flash. If you created your stick successfully go ahead and restore your apple tv. Update your software then hack your box. Assuming all goes well, follow the instructions to enable usb from this forum. Install all codecs via nito tv settings and browse around for other settings. All should be well in the end.