USB Drive connected to router

Sorry if this has been solved already.

I just attached a new seagate USB drive to my router. How do I add the router to Infuse to access my movie files?

When I do a search I see my IP address, I even see the name of my router, but not sure how to get the video folder added.

Any help would be appreciated.


It depends a bit on the device you’re hard drive is connected to, but normally once you set up the share (with username and password) Infuse will be able to list an volumes it sees, which should include your USB drive.

I’ve tried several things but can’t seem to find it. I use the router given by the internet provider (Bell Canada - Home Hub 2000) and they advise to access the USB by going to “\mynetwork” on the PC. How do I access this address from infuse?

Your router must have some method sharing the device that is connected to the USB port.You will configure this from the admin interface of the router.

Hi I have a wd 2tb drive connected to my router. I can access thru my pc but cannot access it thru infuse. Tried the ip address displayed on PC. Also tried address the router menu tells me the media share is located at. Any chance there’s a tutorial specifically for this ?? Router is zyxel F1000

Here is a video that explains what needs to be done to share a USB drive. It is for a Linksys unit but the steps will be similar although in a different admin interface.

Here is a screenshot of UPNP sharing for the F1000. It should be enabled.

Hi thanks for responding - I’ve no problem setting up the drive on my router - my problem is getting infuse to see it. After some messing around I managed to connect to it from Infuse share setup… Kept telling me my password & user name combination was wrong…The only protocol that works is FTP - I get to the HHD & add to library but it fails to load content now. PS - that screen shot doesn’t show infuse connection just some other devices ported thru the router