USB Disk on AppleTV

Hi There,

ive patched my AppleTV with the ATVFlash SW. It works really easy :sunglasses:
But now, i have my first problem.
Ive copied a movie to a usb drive and pluged it on the appletv. How do i start the movie?


If is seen by the Apple TV, the DVD or Nito files will use it under that heading and it should show up in the “files” menu.

The Apple TV can only see the files transferred into it from I Tunes normally.
If you can “SSH” them into the movies folder, ATV Flash can use them but I believe an unpatched Apple TV can’t.

You’d have to use Nito/DVD under “files” and play them.

Have you turned off your “auto-update” yet?

DO IT NOW and double check so it doesn’t update all your work and blow it out!

If you are not aware of how to enable USB support on the AppleTV, then you can follow the steps here:

You can also find info on how to connect to the AppleTV via CyberDuck on that wiki site. And yes you can use NitoTV, Boxee, or XBMC to play movies on the external hard drive once USB support is installed.

I have followed the USB/SMB enabling instructions by installing the patch specified on the wiki.
The SMB mounts work well, no problem.
But my external USB drive is not seen by the ATV. I also have no link to it in the Movie directory in Cyberduck.
The drive is 160GB and formated as MAC OS Extended (journaled). It has a list of directories on its root.
The drive is detected without any problem by my MAC.
Do you have to reboot the ATV for it to see the USB drive ? Any known issues to get access to USB drives ?
Please help,

It worked for me this time after a reboot of the ATV. I’m able to browse the USB disk.