USB Devices

I just used the patchstick to modify my aTv, everything seems to work fine, whit the execption of the USB support for external devices, i already tried a Western Digital 320Gb in FAT32, a Sandisk 2gb FAT32 and a Sandisk 2gb MacOS Extended, none of them work, has someone and idea what is going on?

How are you trying to access them? To put files on the drives you’ll have to FTP in to them. I use CyberDuck.

In the ATV menu, you can access the drive two different ways.

via DVD>Files


via Files>Movies

In your FTP client it will show up as an alias for some reason.

Hope this helps.

You may also need to go through the steps mentioned here:

Thank you! I’ll try this tonight at home, because my aTv doesn’t mount the volume at all.
Right now don’t appear on the files section nor the DVD section.