USB Detection

Hi Guys,

Im new to using aTV Flash so im hoping you will be able to assist.

I have an external hard drive which I am trying to use and I have tried in both FAT and MAC OS format. I cannot get it to detect at all. Does anyone have any suggestions?


Has the Smart Installer been ran? This step is required to enable the AppleTV to use USB devices.


Thanks for the reply. I have run the smart installer.

I have the same problem and I have rerun the Installer which says it is up to date. I also am unable to mount Networked Drives. Error is “AFP not enabled properly or is missing essential components, Smart Installer with a 1.0 recovery dmg in User/Documents will fix this issue” But Smart Installer has been run and says it is up to date. Lastly when I am trying to Import All Data under Media it says initializing and scanning for several hours with no results. I let it run all night. Many features I want to use are not usable.

Same deal for me…

Successfully installed aTV Flash/ Smart Installer on Jan 1/2010… no USB external hard drive detection whatsoever when I attach it to my aTV.

(FYI – have managed to use FTP connection with no issues.)

Has anyone managed to solve this yet - I have the same issue with the same AFP error as mentioned above - Very frustrating. I’m using an Apple time-capsule as an external drive only connected via USB not LAN. All updates re-starts completed no USB detected. Very annoyed as this was the main reason for atv purchase and it doesn’t work –

I’m using time-capsule as well… still not working!

What size and format is the drive? The AppleTV will support drives up to 2TB in size in either Mac OS or FAT32 format.

Regarding network streaming, by default the AppleTV will attempt to connect via the AFP protocol, however most newer AppleTV units will not support this protocol. The SMB protocol can be used in its place by setting up a ‘Manual Share Point’. We have a guide for setting this up at the link below.

I’m using a ‘Western Digital My Book Essential 640GB External Hard Drive’

I’m also having this USB detection issue.
aTV Flash and Smart Installer are installed.
I am using an ASTONE 2TB ext HD which is formatted Mac OS.
I’ve tried powering off the AppleTV with and without the HD attached.
FTP with CyberDuck works fine.


I’ve just tried a 1TB ASTONE ext HD and the AppleTV detects it and I can play movies from it - it works.

Are we sure the 2TB HD is supported?

I now have a problem were I can see the 1TB HD in CyberDuck but I can’t access it, meaning I can’t see the files on the HD or transfer files from the AppleTV to the HD.

I have the same problem.

I can see attached USB Drives in the movies folder [via CyberDuck]:

1T Mac OS Extended (Journaled)
1.5T Fat 32
1.5T Mac OS Extended (NOT Journaled) - formated under Mac OSX 10.6.2

BUT - the 1.5T Mac OS Extended (NOT Journaled) - does not display in Nito, Files or Boxee

I have latest aTV Flash + installed smartinstaller. Everything seems ok.

I have checked 1.5T Mac OS Extended (NOT Journaled) in Mac OS 10.6.2 disk tools - all ok.

Any advice guys?

Is a USB hub being used? You may try connecting the drive directly and see if the issue persists.

Note: To unmount the drives safely before disconnecting, highlight the drive in nitoTV → Files and press the left arrow (<<) button.

thx for the suggestion but while i typically use a hub, all drives are powered AND i tested with a direct connection also - to be sure it was not the hub. Also made sure I powered down the drive as per other suggestions here.

Really pissed with this now… does anyone think formatting the drive in Snow Leopard 10.6.2 might be responsible?

Do i change format to FAT32 [means some backup issues… and speed issues under aTV but…]


What name does your 1.5TB drive have? Is there a reason you opted to format it in a non-journaled format?

Have the same problem.
Sometimes It does not recognize de USB HD (Seagate 2TB), sometimes it recognizes de HD, but not the files or folders in the HD. After I unplug ATV and HD several times it works.
My problem is that I use that HD somewhere else, so every time I connect the USB back I have same problems detecting the HD.


Was the drive disconnected from the AppleTV (while powered on) at any point? Before disconnecting the drive, it should be unmounted. This can be done by highlighting the drive in the nitoTV > Files menu and pressing the left arrow (<<) button.

ok guys… sorted!

I backed up my media, reformatted drive BUT… this time i formatted Mac OS Extended (Journaled) [not sure if this is the issue] BUT , and i think this may have been the issue - under option i used GUID and not MBR.

Anyway… now serving up media as expected.

Hope this helps.

Br M

Yes, that’s the way I dismount the drive.
Does it take some time to recognize the files or folders? Sometimes if I wait 3-4 minutes it will show the folders.

Same here - just bought an Apple TV - followed instructions, but can’t access the drive through NitoTV.