USB Connection for Jailbreak

Hello Guys,

got a f… problem that drives me crazy. I have 5 different USB Cables here, and no USB Cable works. I cannot establish a connection via USB to my Computers (WIN and MAC) to install the SeasOnPass JB (newest loaded today). Only when power cord is connected I get the lights flashing. Is there a Solution for me? Many Thanks!

Apple TV 3 (1080p)


I forgot that every USB cable work with the older ATV (720p)


Read the If all else fails #1


That should get you going

There is no jailbreak available for the ATV3, so there is not much point in trying!

In germany everybody says ATV3 for The ATV2 wich got 1080p resolutions, and ther is the atv 2 within 720p resolution. Tell me i am NOT WRONG with my jailbreack tryouts… . This will be disappoint me so far.



The 1080p model is what we mean when we say ATV3.

There is no jailbreak for that model, and so far no signs of a successful exploit being mentioned in the jailbreak community. That means that the availability of a jailbreak is very unlikely to be any time soon, and there is no definite confirmation that it will ever be available.

Ohhh, thank you very much for the explaining. So I was totaly wrong. That disappoint me so far, but I can handle this. So many Thanks for the Support!

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I think a lot of people get confused by the two models as from the outside they look identical. However there are very significant differences internally in the hardware. As an example the ATV3 uses an A5 processor, while the ATV2 used an A4 processor.


I totally missed that at the bottom!!