USB as Secondary Storage question

No problem getting ATV to recognize my 160gb, even though it did say something about syncing with iTunes somewhere along the line, even though, I thought the whole
idea was to put in all my files (ie my dvd collection) , or for that matter .wmv files and that when I went to Nito, Files, it would show my USB hard drive with the movie files
inside. If that is supposed to be the purpose for an external HD, I am not quite sure why the ext HD has to be synced when just purely being used as a Secondary.

Also, in the description for use as a Secondary USB HD, it said that it perhaps should be used to put in NON iTunes related files. I guess that would mean for example .mpeg files
.wmv etc, .avi… The big question is, I went to Cyberduck, and found my newly installed usb HD in /Movies. I figured that I could copy or move all these non iTunes related movie files
to that HD, however, for some reason when I click or double click that HD, it doesn’t open for me to move movies into it… Should I be able to? If not, How does the process go to get into that external HD from my Mac Desktop (or Cyberduck?)

This seems to be an issue with the current version of Cyberduck. You may try using an alternate FTP client such as Transmit ( or Flow (

Thanks, I have not about 4 FTP programs now , and add this one… Seems like I am not ok, somehow Cyberduckie works for me on SFTP, One of these days, I will have to eliminate all
these extra FTP programs