US Netflix

I am considering trying to access US Netflix on my Apple TV2.
I have the latest appleTV black updates and season onpass.

I love all the access I can receive now and how user friendly your site is and recommend it to everyone.

I am located in Canada and have Netflix. I know that the the US version has a lot more content.

My question is: will trying to change the setting to access US TV interfere in any way with what I have now? I wouldn’t want tomess up a wonderful thing…

If it is possible? What would you suggest?


I would start by taking a look at media hint. It’s a chrome extension which subtly allows you to access US netfilx and HULU etc.

Translating that extension to work on the ATV may be a whole different problem though.

Use a service like Show Monkey They offer a 7 day free trial so you can try it out.  It unblocks all US content on sites like Hulu and Netflix.  We love it…no more cable bills!