Urgent - pre-sales question

I used to use my Gen 1 Apple TV in a camper because it allowed me to fill up the hard drive, disconnect and take it with me.  The newer versions of iTunes no longer allow me to store music and movies on the AppleTV, it only allows me to stream.  If I use your product can I:

  1. Store and play content from the AppleTV hard drive

  2. How will I load the content?  Am I able to do so through iTunes or will I need to do something else?



You can actually still sync content to the Apple TV with the latest version of iTunes, however the Apple TV will only be able to sync with a single computer so you may need to remove and reconnect the computer the Apple TV things it’s currently syncing with. http://support.apple.com/kb/TS1453

Alternatively, with aTV Flash installed, you will be able to transfer files directly via FTP. http://support.firecore.com/entries/259290-transferring-files-via-ftp

Like Matt, I have been using the ATV1 for years as a stand alone system using its hard drive for storage of movies, music and photos. I link it via HDMI to my plasma, and then a toslink from there to my amp so I can play music. The trouble is that over the last few months it would not sync anymore. It is 3.0.2 which is as updated as I can get. Now that I have upgraded iTunes on my MacMini to 11.0.1, I cannot sync at all. Instead I have to stream everything and it stutters through music and TV show playback. Worse, when playing music the screensaver only accesses Apple photos from the ATV1, not from my iPhoto. I am urgently seeking a solution to regain control of my ATV1 as a ‘stand alone’ media server. Will your software help?

It sounds like you may need to reconnect the Apple TV to iTunes. A bit of info on doing this can be found here.


James, Tried that several times - there’s no problem with wireless connection, MacMini and ATV1 both see each other. No, it appears to be that iTunes no longer supports ‘syncing’. ATV1 software is the most up to date, it hasn’t been changed in a long time, so it is not the problem.

I’m hoping your software can reverse this. Can it? I have always disliked the lack of controllability of the ATV1, but now its even worse, so its the one and only Apple device I’m willing to ‘hack’ - I’d say make better, because Apple has treated this product with disdain.