Ur opinion: "GP6 -> aTV Flash -> nitoTV of aTV Flash" or "GP6 -> GP inject software to get nitoTV -> aTV Flash"?

Would it better to do the jailbreak just with GreenpoisOn RC6 an do all other installtions via nitoTV from the Flash platform or to install all other software via the GreenpoisOn platform via nitoTV an then after all that, install aTV Flash?

At the second way there's the question, if there's even a reason to install aTV Flash, because, aTV Flash doesn't anything more than the first option with GP all alone...

I’ve asked the same question…I don’t know myself…let’s see what kind of posts we get!!

I would rather stay away right now.

@firecore work on your product.

Honestly I gave the company trust by buying before I could even use.

Now the product is out of beta phase but frankly it cannot be said so if it breaks the functionality of the device.

I suggest that, now that the JB part was solved by chronic team, if this is not fixed  rapidly (1 month?) you should give users like me the chance to be refunded.

Believe me I still want to use atv flash, but working.

Consider also that some other 3rd party developer for ATV2 is launching a similar product with better price as you know.

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it doesnt matter the souces are the same

so you think, that with greenpoison we all are good, and we should not install atv flash after jb with GP?

Use GP, inject, upgrade NitoTV, install atvflash . Now you can either install things via ssh, NitoTV or atvflash. I am not sure what the issue is. One thing, is I would keep nitotv on there and updated.



I used GP RC6 to JB a aTV2 as suggested.  Upgraded NitoTV....and can't install aTV flash.  aTV is on 4.1.1

Is there a reason for this?

Thanks in advance!

I sent the $20 and half the night trying to get everything to work using ATV Flash and still had to do tethered booting.  

In the end I gave up downloaded Gp6 and had the whole thing running in 15 minutes without tethering.  

Without a question I will be donating the $20 to GreenPois0n as it is worth supporting.  

ATV Flash was great for ATV1 but have really dropped the ball on this one.