Upside-Down Video (Thumbnails + Playing Videos)

Hi, I have decided to make a new post for new information regarding this issue. I had found this (5.6 upside-down iPhone video) and noticed others were having this problem as well. But it has been nearly two months and the problem still widely occurs with the majority of portrait videos imported into Infuse. The original post is also under the wrong section, for me anyway. Original post is in the TVOS section and my issue is one iPhone X and iPad Pro.

Portrait videos and thumbnails display and play upside-down. This issue does not happen with the same videos imported into similar iOS apps, VLC, nPlayer, PlayerXtreme, etc. These videos also do not display upside-down in the photos app, finder, or files apps. If anyone else has this issue and would like to share a video with the developers, please feel free to post a link to share in this thread if allowed, because I do not wish to share my media.

Developers, have you reproduced this issue? Will this issue be fixed sometime soon? Any new info would be greatly appreciated. This has caused me to stop using the app and now have to use a competitor which has an inferior product. This also has me putting off purchasing a pro subscription.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Many Thanks!

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Are these videos ones that you have created or are they ones you have downloaded from other sources? If they’re ones you created, is it something you can duplicate the problem consistently?

Hi, Thanks for the quick reply.
These are videos I had shot on the iPhones I’ve had before the iPhone X was released. These videos used to display correctly, then after an update was released (5.6.6 I believe), this error started happening. However, I do notice that videos shot with iPhone X mostly do not have this problem. Is there any metadata I can compare between the files that have the error and the files that do not? Thanks for the help

i was going to suggest that if you could repeat the same problem you could take a new short video of something that you wouldn’t mind sharing with the Infuse folks like a video of a book page or even just an arrow on a piece of paper pointing up so they could have a sample to play with and try to duplicate the problem.

I’m not sure where the details of orientation are in the metadata but the Firecore folks may be able to answer that.

Good luck!

Hi, OK so after doing some experimenting, I have two of the same files exported two different ways from Apple photos via my Mac.
I would not mind submitting these to you privately for analysis if you would please not share them. They are just family movies, but still.

The 1st (.m4v) file was exported via drag and drop out of photos onto the desktop. The details of the file are H.264/mpeg-4.
This file displays and plays correctly.
The 2nd (.MOV) file was exported via photos as an unmodified original video.
This is using HEVC and does not display or play correctly.

The other videos having the error are mostly .MOV as well. Shot with high efficiency if I’m not mistaken, all portrait mode.

Please leave instructions on how I can upload these files and share them with you privately. Thanks very much.

You wouldn’t be submitting them to me, it’d be to the Infuse Staff. I’m sure they wouldn’t share them but it may be the piece of the puzzle that helps figure out what is going on.

I’ll pass on your reply and hopefully one of the folks from infuse will review this thread and get back to you. Thanks again for helping!!

OK sounds good. Thanks again for the help

We’re looking into this and hope to have a fix included in 5.6.7.

Great! Thanks so much for fixing this (I hope) :slight_smile:

Fix confirmed for 5.6.7. :slight_smile:

Thank you very much for fixing this so soon. Much appreciated!

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