Upscaling too sharp?

So, we just finished a 1080p movie on our 4k screen. I was confused about the sharp image, thought I forgot to switch image mode on the TV. Then I remembered I read about some upscaling feature. In my eyes the image was waaaay too sharp. Is it just me that doesn’t like the sharpness to be increased too much creating artifacts?

1080p → 4K upscaling on Infuse looks about the same as my Nvidia Shield set to 1080p which I’m pretty happy about. (Shield has pretty bad 1080p → 4K upscaling)
I have sharpness set to 0 on my TV, though.

Funny that i find the upscaling habilities on Infuse not very good at all.

Internal player on my 4K TV does a better job on 1080p than Infuse, you could really tell the difference.

Do you also find it too sharp?

Hi my friend.

Just the opposite, i used to miss some sharpness that the internal player from my Oled actually provides.

However this has improved lately, most probably there has been an Infuse update in between.

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Yes, they updated the upscaling algorithm…

Well, great job then!, it is clearly visible to me, i´m loving it.