Upscaling of stereo sources

I have Apple TV 4K connected to Denon receiver. I have an issue with upscaling of stereo sources from various apps, including Infuse. Sometimes my receiver upscales stereo to Dolby surround and sometimes not. Multichannel sources are always handled correctly. Has anybody else had this issue? I would like my receiver to always upscale stereo sources to Dolby surround. Could the cause of this issue be on the ATV 4K / Infuse side?

There are settings on the ATV that allow you to set the audio to always be 5.1.

Infuse will usually select the best audio track that is encoded as far as I know and little to no adjustments.

You’re receiver may have an option somewhere that will automatically upscale 2.0 to surround but you’d have to dig around in your receiver settings.

Generally you have to designate upside for each combination of input and audio codec. So if sometimes you get Dolby digital and sometimes pcm you will need to set upscaling for both.

I couldn’t find any way to designate by input type, but I’ll look again. I can command the denon to upscale when it’s receiving stereo source but I want it to do that automatically. It weird how sometimes it upscales stereo sources automatically and sometimes not. Maybe the format is different.

What model number of Denon receiver?

The model # isAVR-X4200W.

I’ve always selected the audio track via the appletv by pulling the “menu” down and selecting “ audio “ options whilst the movie is playing. I then adjust my receiver’s setting manually