upnp + xbmc shares


James posted back in 2011 saying that upnp was “coming soon”.
Is this some kind of new fangled tantric upnp or something… If that’s his version of “coming soon” … We’ll … I bet the ladies love him :wink:

As soon as he adds upnp and dts, I think I’ll love him to :smiley:
Until them, I’ll hold off my purchase.

We were initially looking at this adding this on the Apple TV side, but other features seemed to take precedence.

I think we’re going to revisit this again though, and see what we can do. :slight_smile:

Hey James,
Did you add upnp in 2.1?

I am itching to buy your product, but I can’t buy it with out xbmc support (upnp) if you have added upnp in 2.1 please let me know so I can buy the app ASAP and inform the xbmc community that you have essentially provided the only iOS solution for xbmc users… Your wallet will explode!

I’m surprised that you don’t have upnp added? It’s open, universal and the only method of sharing across all platforms (for xbmc). There are millions of iOS and xbmc users that would see this as a complete solution to xbmc on iOS if you just added this open, simple feature?

If you have added it, expect a lot of cash from us lot in the next few days/weeks :slight_smile:
If not … Get it added along with dts for Xmas day 2013 at the latest :wink:

I am confused - what has UPNP got to do with XBMC other than the fact that XBMC supports UPNP.   You make it sound as if you think XBMC runs at the server end wheras in practice it runs at the client end and is an alternative to inFuse.   Are you saying that you would give up XBMC if inFuse had UPNP support?

My library is hosted from my main HTPC (which exclusively runs xbmc) and shares/serves out its library to all other xbmc (upnp) devices around the home via upnp.

This allows all my other media centres, laptops, tablets (t100) and PCs etc to launch xbmc locally and view/play anything hosted on/from the main htpc library in the living room. For devices that can’t natively run xbmc, I can use an alternate player that connects to the xbmc library via upnp. In this scenario, infuse is the app in question.

The main library is also scraped, organised and includes myriad of metadata that is visible to all my clients (xbmc or upnp clients).

My shares are organised for kids, family etc and are managed via profiles/smart playlists etc in xbmc.

Xbmc shares/serves it’s library around the home via upnp, so if I made it sound like xbmc runs as a upnp server… we’ll, err… it does mate :wink:

So No, I won’t give up xbmc?
Buy I will buy this player if it lets me play all my xbmc content, that is hosted from my main xbmc htpc, on my non JB iOS devices. So would my granny, my mum, and my kids! To allow infuse to seamlessly integrate with xbmc is an explosion waiting to happen! If I could code it my self, I would. The fact no one has done this yet baffles me yo the nth degree. Everyone I ions has iOS devices, everyone I know uses xbmc in their homes, everyone I know hates the fact that they can’t access their xbmc library (and play it) via an iOS device but visitors can on their android devices :-/

I can install xbmc onto my pre ios7 devices (jb) and it’s good to go. But this app would allow non JB iOS devices to flourish in an xbmc environment, allowing everyone to seamlessly integrate their media throughout every device around the home using open standards.

If you used xbmc as a upnp server I’m sure you’d understand the situation. Im in to deep to back out now. I’m invested… But infuse have a chance to essentially become an iOS alternative to xbmc that works with xbmc, not against it!

Now that is a money maker right there, and I’d pay a lot to have my iOS devices stream and view my beautiful xbmc library’s.