UPnP favorites artwork

Hi. Infuse is beautiful once you go into a favorite but it is sort of unimpressive from the home menu with just a bunch of white rectangles with stars in them… So I’m trying to fix this by adding artwork to favorites. I know you can add a file called favorite-atv.png to the favorite media folder. Problem is my media is served up via UPnP. So there is no physical folder to place the file. The UPnP server manages all my locations for media and serves them up logically. Is there any sort of alternative method to add artwork to favorites? Or any other suggestions?


We’re looking into a few options for this for an upcoming version. :slight_smile:

Awesome! Glad to hear! Thanks!!!

Very nice! I just noticed the new version and tried adding some artwork. Works like a dream! Thanks!!

You’re very welcome. Enjoy! :slight_smile: