SMB and NFS connections are buffering for me on 4k content. The solution for me has been using UPnP/DLNA, but I am no longer able to connect to my Windows 10 machine using UPnP with Infuse. When I go to shares, the UPnP connection that I want to make is listed there. When I click it, the name, protocol and IP address are listed correctly. When I click save I get, “An error occurred Sorry, infuse encountered an error while trying to connect.” I can connect to the Windows Machine via UPnP with another laptop. I have a 4tb hard drive attached to my router that I am able to connect to via UPnP with Infuse. I know this is something simple and I just can’t seem to figure out what it is. Both my TV and Infuse could connect via UpnP in the past.

Steps I have tried:

I stopped and restarted the UPnP service on Windows 10 machine and rebooted.

Another thing you may try is selecting an alternate SMB version in Infuse as described here.

We also have a number of SMB related improvements coming in the next few updates which should improve performance in a variety of different setups.

EDIT- I reset my video library on my Windows 10 machine and I am able to connect to it with the TV now. Still get Sorry, “infuse encountered an error while trying to connect” with Infuse.

It might be a windows 10 security update. What build are you running? I know 1803 and 1809 really bunged stuff up for non windows devices. Alternately if you don’t feel like screwing around with windows settings try throwing up plex server on your Windows 10 machine and see if that fixes your issues.

Thanks Jarvis. I will check on build. The last thing I want to do is add Plex to the mix though. I can stream all 1080 and below content perfectly with Infuse using SMB or NFS. 4k content buffers though unless I use UPNP and now that doesn’t seem to be an option with Infuse. :frowning:

Is anyone able to connect with a uPnP/DLNA connection with Infuse Pro 6?

It seems that it is a problem with infuse 6 pro. I use an uPnP/DLNA connection to access to my windows 10 machine without any problem with infuse 5 pro. Since I upgrade to infuse 6 pro I have the same error that is displayed when I try to access to my windows 10 uPnP/DLNA connection : “An error occurred Sorry, infuse encountered an error while trying to connect.”

It seems this is not only related with Windows, I’m not able to access my QNAP using SMB, before it was a iOS issue but now I can’t use on a local network with Apple TV4k. It’s driving me crazy. It was working with Infuse 5.x Let’s see if a quick update of Infuse 6 will appear soon.

We’ve tracked this down, and included a fix in 6.0.1 which we have submitted to Apple today.

Thanks for your patience.

Can you please tell me, when the update will be available on the Israeli AppStore?
I have the same issue, but on the Israeli AppStore, the latest version is still 6.0.0.
Thank you in advance.

I think when an app is in Apple hands there’s no way to know when it would be released. Basically we just need to wait.

6.0.1 was just approved, and should be rolling out on the App Store shortly. :slight_smile:

Sorry to be annoying, but…
I updated infuse to the latest version (6.0.2) and it seemed that the problem was solved. But after few days, with no obvious reason, the problem occurred again and now, as before, I can’t watch content from my PC on my Apple TV.
Any ideas?

Hi Yudima,

I just had the exact same problem about a week or so ago. I had it right after a Windows 10 update. I thought it was an Infuse problem, but what I actually found was that Windows turned Sharing off in the update which makes zero sense. if it is the same issue for you… go to Contro Panel/Network and Sharing/Change Advanced Streaming Options/ and Media Streaming Options then look at what you have shared. I had to reshare some of my content that was previously shared.

I’m interested to see if it is the same thing for you.

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