UPnP/DLNA streaming from Rygel

I enjoy using Linux with the GNOME graphical shell which has the Rygel media solution embedded in it by default. I was hoping to be able to stream movies from PC to Apple TV app using this utility. However, I ran into a problem that I couldn’t find a solution to on the Internet. When I start Infuse 7.3.5 and try to add a network share, the app finds Rygel’s (I am using 0.38.3 version) share and autofills the following fields

Name:         %name as rygel.cfg says%
Protocol:     UPnP/DLNA
Adress:       %local address that matches the IP of the PC%
MAC Address:  00:00:00:00:00:00

After pressing Save I get

An error occurred
Sorry, Infuse encountered an error while trying to connect.

At the same time, I can watch videos using the setup through desktop VLC without any problems, so it seems to be a compatibility issue between Rygel and Infuse, but since I don’t get detailed information about the error, it’s out of my capacity.

Thanks in advance for any help!

I am not familiar with Rygel, but previously implemented a DLNA server for Infuse and encountered a connection-related bug. When Infuse pulls the device description XML document, it blindly assumes the embedded HTTP references are relative and slaps a prefix onto them. (I do not believe the uPnP spec requires these to be relative, but that is fairly common.) If they are absolute, then the connection fails as described above. (VLC does not have this problem as I also used it during my development.)

Would require snooping network traffic to determine if this is the case. I do know this impacts the HD HomeRun and prevents Infuse connecting to it. Purely a wild guess for your consideration.

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You might want to try connecting to your server via SMB and give Infuse a chance to do the heavy lifting and also you’ll have the full use of the library functions which you won’t using DLNA.

If you are accessing a Linux machine, NFS would be a better alternative to SMB.